Nochmals zur Erinnerung. Bitte installiert das überarbeitete Update 3 vom 17.10.2013 für NOF 2013.

Es wurden jede Menge Bugs korrigiert.

NetObjects Fusion 2013 Update – Build 13.00.0000.5535

  • Numerous modifications to support IE 11.0 (Windows 7, Windows 8.1).
  • Numerous HTML5 validation errors resolved.
  • Webfonts downloaded through Online View are immediately available (application restart not needed).
  • WOFF file format supported on publish.
  • Addressed „JDK not installed errors“.
  • Fixed display of vertical carousels in Design View.
  • Adding a new carousel automatically prompts for image files.
  • Fixed crash when typing four punctuation characters consecutively.
  • Fixed issue where Syncopate and Merriweather webfonts were not published.
  • Fixed form issue where validation failed for an e-mail field that is required.
  • Fixed deletion of page-specific styles.
  • Fixed issue where recent colors were not saving opacity value.
  • Fixed issue where fly-outs without auto close would behave abnormally in IE8 with HTML5 as output.
  • Added ability to support common fonts via new profile XML file, AdditionalFontPreferences.xml. Fonts added back include Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode, Palatino Linotype, and Tahoma.
  • Font combobox will expand to left displaying full font names, even if property panel is too narrow.
  • Tooltip shows hexadecimal value for color (or color and percent opacity) when hovering over color box in palette.
  • Minimized Javascript files.
  • Installer allows upgrade from 1&1 Editions of Fusion version 11.0 (English, French, Spanish).
  • Fixed issues related to rgba() color being specified for background of Data List object.
  • Fixed Design View text rendering when specifying generic W3 font family.
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