Update 1 (Build 1050) für NOF 2015 steht seit dem 24.03.2015 zum Download bereit:



This updates a single installation of NetObjects Fusion 2015.

Multiple installations are strongly discouraged as they introduce potential problems in NetObjects Fusion 2015 functioning correctly.
If you have manually modified any resource files associated with NetObjects Fusion 2015 this may also introduce problems. Please correct either of these issues prior to updating.


NetObjects Fusion 2015 Update – Build 15.00.0000.1050

•    WEBFONTS: When restoring .ZIP backup that contains webfonts that were not included with NOF, install and register new fonts
•    WEBFONTS: Default „always publish“ flag to FALSE
•    ANALYTICS: Use asynchronous code for „classic“ Google Analytics
•    UI: Suppress Javascript exceptions in internal browser (e.g. Google Analytics)
•    PUBLISH: edit and publish TITLE attribute for form fields
•    PUBLISH: publish ALT attribute for form buttons
•    PUBLISH: fixed W3 validation errors for new form <input> types when publishing as HTML5
•    PUBLISH: publish ID attribute for hidden form fields
•    PUBLISH: do not publish TITLE for <form> container DIV
•    PUBLISH: do not write entries for image links in sitemap.xml
•    SNIPPET: include object ID in snippet editor caption
•    SNIPPET: include header markup when publishing snippet that is inside of MLR
•    PUBLISH: fixed W3 validation errors related to <meta> tags and HTML5
•    UI: made some comboboxes taller (e.g. site options charset, text style)
•    CSS: Fixed issue publishing CSS files where decimal values (e.g. 0.5) would lose fractional portion (e.g. published as 0.0).
•    PUBLISH: User-created tables now published with alignment CLASS (e.g. nof-block-center, nof-wrap-right)
•    PUBLISH: Filter out unsupported <meta> elements when publishing as HTML5.  HTML5 tags are now closed.
CAROUSEL: Fixed initial draw of images when carousel is inside of MLR



Nochmals zur Erinnerung. Bitte installiert das überarbeitete Update 3 vom 17.10.2013 für NOF 2013.

Es wurden jede Menge Bugs korrigiert.


NetObjects Fusion 2013 Update – Build 13.00.0000.5535

  • Numerous modifications to support IE 11.0 (Windows 7, Windows 8.1).
  • Numerous HTML5 validation errors resolved.
  • Webfonts downloaded through Online View are immediately available (application restart not needed).
  • WOFF file format supported on publish.
  • Addressed „JDK not installed errors“.
  • Fixed display of vertical carousels in Design View.
  • Adding a new carousel automatically prompts for image files.
  • Fixed crash when typing four punctuation characters consecutively.
  • Fixed issue where Syncopate and Merriweather webfonts were not published.
  • Fixed form issue where validation failed for an e-mail field that is required.
  • Fixed deletion of page-specific styles.
  • Fixed issue where recent colors were not saving opacity value.
  • Fixed issue where fly-outs without auto close would behave abnormally in IE8 with HTML5 as output.
  • Added ability to support common fonts via new profile XML file, AdditionalFontPreferences.xml. Fonts added back include Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode, Palatino Linotype, and Tahoma.
  • Font combobox will expand to left displaying full font names, even if property panel is too narrow.
  • Tooltip shows hexadecimal value for color (or color and percent opacity) when hovering over color box in palette.
  • Minimized Javascript files.
  • Installer allows upgrade from 1&1 Editions of Fusion version 11.0 (English, French, Spanish).
  • Fixed issues related to rgba() color being specified for background of Data List object.
  • Fixed Design View text rendering when specifying generic W3 font family.

Am 17.10. 2013 ist das Update 3 für NOF 2013 erschienen.

RELEASE (Version 13.00.0000.5529)

Hier geht es zum Download:



NOF 2013 – das Update 2 ist am 02.07.2013 erschienen.


Hier geht es zum Update 2 (Version 5513)  für NOF 2013: